(from Brenda M.)

Well, I guess it’s just nature. Dorothy always was afraid of storms. She and Cliff would head up all the kids and head to the house to go to the cellar. We have a big ‘ole thunderhead building in the Northeast. I had to call Gary and the others to tell them to keep an eye on it — turn on the weather stations!!

We don’t have a cellar, but if I had one, I probably would get the jug of water, blankets, candles or ‘ole kerosene lamp and head for it. I get pretty nervous when a storm comes up—I worry over the kids—that’s probably why they get nervous.

MaMa and Daddy (MaMa Nem and Martin) had good reason to be afraid of the water—they got washed out a couple or so times when they lived on the farm—not to mention, burned out twice.

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