I’ve traced this family’s history back and forth across this country, and across the ocean. There have been lawmen, prominent military leaders, statesmen involved in pivotal moments in history, farmers, ranchers, teachers, drivers, and engineers. You can find us in everything from Shakespeare to the police blotter. I came to know this family a bit later, in my late 20s, but the moment I met them, I could see myself, my father, and my sister, in all their faces, mannerisms, humor, and stubbornness. The family stretches from coast to coast now, but I hope this site reminds each of us that we’re all still out there, and that we came from some wonderful, brave, hardworking people.

Why “Calder, Key and Smith”? Everyone’s genealogy is basically unique. Other than your immediate siblings, your family tree probably doesn’t match anyone else’s. So… I had to pick somewhere to start. This was my family, and I knew these three branches of the family all co-existed and to some extent or another all knew each-other. It doesn’t mean I care any less about the Shelburnes, the Shropshires, the Caseys, the Harrises…



I remember playing in the rain; it rained so much our front drive would be a small pond. We would drag the old metal slide around. Muddy but what fun!

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