I have been using to expand the family tree records. The site uses public records and supplied information to help find and document family members.  They do hide the information of living people unless you’re logged in with specific access to the file, so identity theft is unlikely.

You can view my tree here. (Following my father’s side of the family, for the relevant relatives.) It does require a free account to view the tree.

Note: It’s a very specific process to properly build the tree. The goal is to create a historical record that can continue to be used in the future. The names are always birth names, meaning married names or name changes aren’t used as the primary identifiers. And ex-spouses and/or family members you may no longer have a personal connection with are still listed. I’m happy to fix any incorrect information, though.

And if you have an Ancestry account, and would like to connect to the tree or assist in building it, please let me know.

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