Our Trip

Gary, Katie, Brenda, Angela, Deanna and Corky.

The rain woke me up early (around 5:00 a.m.) I got up and logged on to Wunderground and checked the radar. It will hopefully clear up after the sun rises.

The alarm clock woke me up the next time and of course, I hit the snooze button several times.

By the time I made it to Katie’s house, Aunt Brenda was already there. We talked and soon Angela and Deanna arrived. After talking some more we began our trip.

Since we had 2 vehicles, we carried radios so we could talk to each other on the drive. We made a quick stop in Mason after passing through Eden and Menard. We beat the crowd in downtown Fredericksburg. Today I am the tourist – not the road raged maniac trying to get through town! (When are they going to build a loop around downtown?)

We window-shopped and went into a few stores and browsed around. It’s a very nice way to spend the day with family and friends. Soon we received a call from Corky (A good friend from Sterling City). He met us just in time for lunch. We enjoyed a nice German – American meal.

We then proceeded to an Herb farm. It was very interesting with herbs, flowers and candles with fragrances of numerous scents. Some smelled good, some not so good. I have decided to do some research to find what kind of herbs and things to get that might help me????? I did buy some small candles to carry with me so I could fire them up in the motel room. I am usually pretty relaxed but am happy to see what happens.

Of course our next stop was Luckenbach, no trip through this area can be made without stopping here. We all enjoyed the store and Corky and I enjoyed a beer while listening to the entertainment. Time to continue to the wild seed farm. A neat place even if you don’t want to buy flowers. On to Austin to check-in to the motel, relax a minute, cleanup and change clothes for the seminar.

http://www.scifi.com/johnedward/ http://www.johnedward.net/

We left early for the seminar (Thankfully) you don’t always realize how many people 2000 body’s are. We were close to the middle, so didn’t have to stand in line for long. Though none of our group was approached, it did reinforce the belief that has been building over the last several months. With out getting into other people’s beliefs systems – The entire show and seminars would have to be totally scripted and staged in order to be fake. Though this is possible, I choose not to believe that.

The rest of the night was spent with a satisfying meal at IHOP and a nightcap down on 6th street as well as chasing a dry spot away from the rain.

Brenda of course was the first to rise and shine J. After getting ready, we said bye to Deanna. (She was meeting friends in Winters for the festival) We gassed up the vehicles and had a hearty breakfast at Denny’s (Hey don’t laugh it was pretty good). We are off to San Marcos for a day of sightseeing and other touristy stuff. Our first stop was a convenience store for lottery tickets for the nights drawing. (Who couldn’t use 10 million dollars)?

Aquarena springs here we come. The site is still an interesting place to visit and worth the trip, but if you visited it years ago when it was an amusement park it has definitely changed. The pig has been gone for many years now and since the university now owns the park, all the non- science rides have been shutdown.

Wonderworld is next! Everything is fast paced and basic, but for some reason seemed more interesting than the springs. (Maybe because it was more hands -on?)

We attempted to visit the artsy town of Wimberley but the rain did not play fair this time. We drove through town, did a u-turn and went to the overlook on the Devils Backbone and had one last long look over the start of the Texas Gulf Plains while standing on the beginning of the Texas Hill Country.

We passed through Blanco and Johnson City on past the LBJ Park and made another stop in Fredericksburg to pick up some Dolphin candles that Angela had seen the day before but had not bought at that time. I had another German-American meal. (most everyone else had a hamburger). We made one final stop at a convenience store for some coffee to help with the 2-hour trip back to San Angelo.

The weekend turned out very satisfying and relaxing. Since I did not have the motivation myself, I am thankful to John Edwards for helping me to realize that now is the time to spend with loved ones. Not attempt to when they are already gone!

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