A Special Message to My Brothers and Sisters

(from Susan W)

As the months and years go by ever so swiftly; as the Grey hair and wrinkles become more numerous; and we all become much wiser, this is an excellent time to say how much time I love each one of you so totally unconditionally.

We have managed somehow — with Gods grace — to get to where we are, regardless of life’s struggles; in spite of the walls we run into and the disappointments we face; with the basic questions left unanswered.

Im sure we all have regrets, unfulfilled wishes, and hopes that our futures will be physically healthy and spiritually peaceful, regardless of where we are. Though, to the world and even those close to us, it may seem we are distant to one another — we remain close in our hearts and minds.

We are, in my mind, the true sense of what a family should be. We grew up through adversity and made independent choices how we wanted and needed our lives to be, to feel right about ourselves. We don’t have envy or jealousy of one another. Through our differences, we are able to discard some of the past and not judge or criticize. We may actually think we know each other’s faults, but dare not anyone else express them to us. (Ha)

Of course, we have most of the answers to any problem, if people would just listen to us. Everything must make sense to us.

We insist on being fair, but expect the same in return. We get along well with people if they will just leave us alone. We prefer not to talk too much unless we have something important to say. If we feel ignored, we can always rely on throwing a “Calder” fit. We inherited it and “good or bad” we are passing it on to future generations.

We like things a certain way, but know if we want it done right, we have to do it ourselves. We don’t get too involved in other peoples business. Friends are few because they intrude on our privacy, usually need more than we are capable of giving, and interrupt our otherwise ordinary existence and routine.

We aren’t very affectionate; usually are very honest, and blunt, and somewhat cynical. We are loyal, determined and of course, almost always right. But, I remember one time being wrong, and I didn’t mind admitting it. (Ha)

God bless those that are able to be around us, live with us, and share our lives, because we are difficult, moody and stubborn. Our skin is tough, but our hearts are big. And — most of all, WE WILL CONTINUE TO LAUGH AND FIND HUMOR — even when it’s just not funny at all.

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have as my family than my brothers and sisters. As we come together, may we enjoy our time together and as we depart, may we be grateful for it — however short a time it may be. Let us hope for more time together and be thankful we don’t live next door to one another. Ha Ha

Love Susan

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